Deadlift Faster and More Efficiently

Tired of bending over and holding a heavy Olympic bar up off the ground while you wiggle plates on and off when you deadlift? With DropSet Weights Deadlift Levitator, you no longer have to hold the bar up! Just slide on and off while the Levitator holds your Olympic plates just far enough off the ground to allow you to use both hands (and proper ergonomics) to change your plates out. And no need to worry about where to store an extra bar lift system because the DropSet Weights Deadlift Levitator is integrated into a pair of 45 pound plates that can be used with any standard Olympic barbell. That’s right, your pair of 45 pound plates is the bar lift!

The DropSet Weights Deadlift Levitator is as easy-to-use as the Olympic plates themselves. Just slide them on first and all other Olympic weights will slide on and off with ease. When you’re done, just rack them with the other weights or you can leave them standing on the ground in a convenient spot. They don’t take up near the amount of space that other bar lift systems do and they’re handy for so much more because they can be used with your Olympic barbell for any other exercise as well.