Lift Weights with DropSet Weights SlideLock Olympic Weight System

Move from exercise to exercise and rep to rep with speed and ease and turn your ordinary strength routine into a high-paced, fat-annihilating journey to a better body. Other Olympic weight systems use the same-old plates that have you endlessly moving plates on and off and straining your back just to get the right amount of resistance. With DropSet Weights SlideLock System, to change any weight on the bar, all you have to do is squeeze! That’s right, no matter what plate you want to remove, squeeze and lift and you’ll be back to flexing those muscles in the blink of an eye.

Lift Weights to Build Muscle, not Strain it

Deadlifts are an awesome exercise that develop so many core muscles and help set the foundation for real muscle development. But, they sure can be a source of frustration and strain – before even doing a single rep! It’s a pain to bend over and hold the bar up while wrangling a plate into position so you can wiggle it onto the bar, especially when the bar is already loaded with weights. With the DropSet Weights SlideLock System, you can say goodbye to awkward and potentially dangerous plate changes and just lift weights. Just grab the weight you want to change and lift it off. It’s that easy! And the great thing is – DropSet Weights SlideLock System works with any standard Olympic bar and you don’t have to worry about storing anything other than the weights because the SlideLock system is integrated into the weight set! No need to use a bar lifter that just takes up space 99% of the time and is never around when you need it.

Lift Weights while HIITing? True!

If you’ve read recent articles about how to burn fat quickly, no doubt you’ve come across the term “HIIT” before. It’s an acronym for “High Intensity Interval Training” and many experts agree that it is the most effective way to burn fat. When most people think of HIIT, they imagine running sprints, slapping ropes, or climbing stairs. This is usually done after a strength training routine when you’ve already expended so much of your energy. But, did you know that you can do HIIT during your strength training regimen? It’s true and it’s possible with the fast-paced plate changing system that is integrated into the DropSet Weights SlideLock’s design. By rapidly changing weights and reducing the amount of rest between reps, you can manipulate your heart rate so that your body continues to burn fat even while building muscle when you lift weights.