Get Abs with the DropSet Weights AbBuddy

Want to get those shredded abs you’ve always pictured yourself with? The DropSet Weights AbBuddy is the new abdominal ripper that you can use to perform more than 20 belly fat shredding exercises so you can look and feel amazing and finally get abs! The AbBuddy can be used to twist, crunch, slide, and lift your way to a cut midsection and it can be used with bands or bars as a weight/counterweight to maximize the effectiveness of your intense abdominal training.

Get Abs, Feel great

So many abdominal devices for sale only do one or a few exercises. We all know that doesn’t work! In order to get abs you have to change resistance levels and try many different exercises so your muscles never adjust to what you’re doing. You have to confuse your muscles and keep them guessing what you’re going to do next. With over 20 exercises (and counting), the DropSet Weights AbBuddy will help you get abs by never letting your abdominal muscles get bored.

Get Abs, Look Great

The AbBuddy base weighs 10 pounds and comes with 3 x 10 pound plates, 1 x 5 pound plate, and 1 x 2.5 pound plate that you can mix and match to get the perfect amount of resistance you need to really work your abs right. The AbBubby also has some key features that make it really unique and more effective than any other all-in-one abdominal device out there: a strap that you can use to lock it onto your feet and wheels that allow you to use it to slide back and forth across the floor.

Get Abs, Get Fit

Whether you exercise at the gym or at home, the DropSet Weights AbBuddy is the perfect companion and tool to help you get abs. Use it as a counterweight when you’re doing rope crunches. Use it to slide in and out across the floor. Or, just use it as a variable set of weights to produce resistance in a multitude of other exercises. The DropSet Weights AbBuddy has you covered!

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